Data Informed Optimizations Cause Conversions To Soar. Total Paradise.

Customer insights drive optimization recommendations. helps their customers plan the perfect vacation by matching them with hand-picked travel experts. Their redesigned site launched with a focus on driving consumers through the site and reducing the friction of connecting with travel agents to plan their dream vacations. Unfortunately, the leads weren’t flying in like the team would have hoped. That’s when they reached out to Arke.

  • Increase demand of qualified leads coming to the site
  • Reduce customer friction when connecting with travel agents
  • Provide persona relevant experiences to drive vacation bookings

“We have seen both an increase in lead quantity and a higher ticket value per lead that is 100% attributable to the strategic leadership Arke is providing.“ — Asmita Singh, Vice President, Marketing and Demand Analytics, TLG

Our Approach

Travel Leaders Group (TLG) challenged Arke to uncover customer insights that will spotlight ways to help site visitors to engage more deeply with and to help drive value and ROI.

Arke remained confident we'd reach TLG's goals.

Arke targeted low-effort, high-impact optimization activities to grow executive team support and quickly drive ROI. By leveraging solid UX principles, customer data, industry research, with our Test, Learn and Iterate workflow we established processes that easily helped TLG reach their goals and beyond.

Key areas of optimization

  • Elevate the value proposition
  • Pivot site to target the luxury traveler
  • Personalize content to appeal to individual customer personas
  • Increase lead-capture opportunities via in-line forms
  • Analyze and optimize CTA performance

After analyzing customer conversion performance we recommended TLG to pivot from focusing primarily on a millennial target audience and instead pursue luxury travelers within specific travel categories.  In addition, bring the brand promise to the home page so it could clearly convey the brands promise.

Bringing a Brands Purpose Front and Center

Not only did TLGs brand promise drive visitors to explore travel opportunities, new optimizations added ease and a subtle air of confidence giving users a quick and easy way to engage with regional travel professionals.

A category for every traveler

Alluring visual design and expert information architecture helped site visitors quickly and effortlessly get to the categories and regions of destinations that interested them most. 

The results speak for themselves

Within 3 weeks of going live, saw a 500% increase in qualified leads

Google Analytics

Inbound leads growth mandated TLG scaling resources to handle the demand

TLG Marketing Leadership

Demand content was created for each personas and categories of travelers

Arke Strategic Project Plan

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