Outback Steakhouse

In the franchise world performance and speed is money in the bank.

A healthy portion of optimization was the special of the day.

Outback had been very successful in the past but needed to take the next step with Sitecore CMS. An update to a more contemporary version would allow them to clean up nagging performance issues and start providing similar experiences online that their physical restaurant historically delivered.

  • Optimize conversion opportunities in the buyers journey
  • Provide a more seamless customer experience
  • Update CMS to stabilize platform performance

The first order of business was to get a thorough understanding of Outback’s digital ecosystem, customers behaviors and business goals. This data was critical to make recommendations on system upgrades and processes that would stabilize the platform, enhance the user experience and help boost online sales performance.

Our Approach

After analyzing the project and customer data we knew it was important to keep our approach simple. The first recommendation was to update and stabilize the CMS platform. It was critical to build a solid foundation to then reimagine the online menu experience. The menu interface had be easy for customers to navigate and streamline the path-to-purchase. Activating personalization would enhance user experiences across the site and increase sales conversion rate opportunities.

Performance and simplicity become most favorite menu items.

Arke’s UX team reimagined the online to-go menu to remove friction from the online customer experience. The Dev team, through a much needed upgrade, improved speed and stability of the underlying application and gave return customers a more personalized experience.

Key areas of optimization

  • Intuitive menu structures for easier navigation
  • Stabilize systems to decrease friction events
  • Leverage personalization for return customers
  • Optimize eCommerce path-to-purchase

Arke was tasked with stabilizing a fragile system and redesigning the online ordering experience. The platform update enabled the use of personalization to enhance the users experience, increase conversion performance and positively affect sales KPIs to be successful. We ate this challenge whole.

Simpler menus make for more satisfying user experiences.

Reimagining menus sounds simple but you have reframe your thoughts and understand the behaviors of the Outback customer. Arke was able to accomplish this and remove a pain point from the users digital experience.

Streamlined path-to-payment enhances revenue opportunities

Streamlined path-to-payment enhances revenue opportunities.

Arke examined the entire menu selection-to-transaction journey and recommended reengineering the steps needed to shorten the path-to-payment. Results indicated that streamlining this journey enhanced the customers buying experience and directly impacted cart conversions. 

Platform updates made stability issues a thing of the past.

500% increase in system performance.

Arke Road Map

Improved platform uptime to greater than 99.9%.

Server Performance Reporting

120% increase in forecasted annual revenue.

Arke Road Map

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