Sitecore users, are you ready to go headless?

Are you ready for composable?

This is architecture without boundaries.

There is a fundamental shift taking place at Sitecore from the traditional monolithic build to a modernized API-first composable site architecture. These new headless environments leverage the best-in-class cloud microservices in combination with decoupling the backend content layer (the body) from the frontend display layer (the head). This enables content to be output through APIs to most any digital property, device, channel, and application. Escaping the limitations of content being entwined with code allows for a truly immersive and brand-consistent omnichannel experience. The possibilities are endless.

Host Hotels sees early performance benefits

One of Arke’s early adopters of headless, Host Hotels has begun to see performance benefits of their Sitecore composable architecture. Early performance analytics have been impressive but will go well beyond just onscreen site performance.

29.4% Decrease in Page Load Time     47% Increase in Time on Page     73% Decrease in Average Page Download Time

*Based on Host Hotels Google Analytics – 3/1 – 3/31 to Previous Period

Here is how you can benefit from a headless Sitecore environment

Front-end Flexibility
Websites, mobile devices, and other applications are all independent of content. Brands can deploy new designs, and use new and innovative technology without waiting for content to be created or deployed into a new environment.

Centralized Managed Content
Publish or update new content in your headless CMS and it updates in all connected channels. True omnichannel publishing.

Leverage New Channels Faster
Pull content from your existing headless CMS without large efforts or expense.

Improved Performance and Scalability
A headless, decoupled architecture provides a significant boost to page speed performance and makes it easier to scale when the time is right.


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