Headless is becoming the new norm. Find out why.

Why headless is becoming the new norm.

What is a headless environment and how can you benefit?

Decoupling your site’s architecture provides endless possibilities.

There is a shift taking place from the traditional monolithic CMS to a modern API-first headless site architecture. These new modernized environments leverage best-in-class microservices in combination with decoupling the backend content layer (the body) from the frontend display layer (the head).

Decoupling the content and display layers means you can output your content through APIs to digital properties, devices, channels, and applications. Escaping the limitations of content being entwined with code allows for truly immersive and brand consistent omni-channel experiences. The possibilities are endless.

Check out the new site.
It’s decoupled display layer allows for rich display of CSS enabled animation that loads lightning-fast. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Here are some intriguing benefits of a modern headless environment

Reduced IT/Vendor Dependency & Hosting Costs

Improved Site Performance & Scalability

Shorter Development Cycles


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