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Take your first steps towards a modern composable Sitecore architecture.

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By refocusing on smaller, more incremental changes, you can accelerate your ability to pivot, get to market quicker and stay ahead of your customer’s evolving needs.

This path will lay the foundation to seamlessly migrate from the traditional monolithic DXP to a modernized API-first composable site architecture — significantly reducing development times and enabling you to create truly immersive omnichannel experiences and enhance site performance.

Here’s how you can benefit from a Sitecore composable strategy

Front-end Flexibility
Websites, mobile devices, and other applications are all independent of content. Brands can deploy new designs, and use new and innovative technology without waiting for content to be created or deployed into a new environment.

Centralized Managed Content
Publish or update new content in your headless CMS and it updates in all connected channels. True omnichannel publishing.

Leverage New Channels Faster
Pull content from your existing headless CMS without large efforts or expense.

Improved Performance and Scalability
A decoupled, headless architecture provides a significant boost to page speed performance and makes it easier to scale to a true SaaS architecture when the time is right.

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Watch Arke’s 2021 Symposium presentation Approaching the Edge: Pathways to Headless and the Sitecore Composable Stack or explore our Free* 3-Step Readiness Assessment.

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