Personalized experiences drive more conversions and increases revenue.

Meet customers at the right place and at the right time.

MAA is the largest owner-operator of apartment homes in the country. They focus on providing high-quality apartment living experiences to residents across the Southeast, Southwest and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. As they have grown they recognized the opportunity to create more digital engagement opportunities in the research and selection process of finding a new home. With the help of Arke, we help MAA weave together digital and in-person interactions for a seamless experience

  • Increase online conversions (local and virtual tours, leases)
  • Personalize the leasing experience
  • Nurture prospects by using geotargeting with targeted content when/where its most critical

“The challenges and pace of MAA’s project was ideal for our UX/UI team. Following what the data told us, we made incremental changes to drive revenue and create additional content engagement.” Paul Collins, CSO, Arke

Our Approach

Arke’s Strategy team developed a series of steps on a road map to uncover, prioritize and execute on high-value opportunities in the shortest time possible. Our “test, learn and iterate” workflow is designed to increase conversion rates and revenue generated from these high-traffic pages. This approach combined strategy, design, development, and analytics in a repeatable pattern to maximize learnings and the frequency of cost efficient updates.

Finding an apartment can be stressful. It certainly doesn't have to be.

Arke led MAA through a series of customized workshops to gain insights, document business goals, expose gaps in customer journeys, and implement new site functionality.

Arke gained a better understanding of MAA’s target audience behaviors, aligned digital to business goals and helped prioritize customer acquisition strategies.

Key areas of optimization

  • Revamped Property Detail Page
  • Property Comparison Tool
  • Shareable Property Engagement Tracker
  • Metro-Level Property Page Enhancements
  • Home Page UX Enhancements
  • Recapture Abandoned Application

After thoroughly analyzing our workshop findings, MAA’s customer behavior analytics and Arke’s industry research, we proposed a series of “Quick Wins”.  High-value, low-investment activities that aligned with their strategic digital marketing KPIs — increase online conversions, use personalization to enhance experiences, leverage content to nurture prospects and keep them engaged with the site.

It's all about the details.

Refreshing the UX on the property details page gave prospects more reasons to continue engaging with the page as well as intuitive next steps to navigate to related properties and communities in close proximity or the ability to tour the property. In addition, the page also included a “share and share the comparisons” function – a real convenience for friends, family or potential roommates.

Helping prospects make better decisions.

Nurturing the prospect relationship continued by creating a persistent component on the property detail page that allowed prospects to compare up to 4 properties at a time. 

Engage prospects and get them on their way.

Refreshing the users experience on the home page gave prospects greater engagement opportunity with content that was relevant to them. Intuitive first steps aided prospects with starting the appropriate journey and provided logical next steps to get them on their path to leasing fast.

Get a bigger picture. All of them.

Enhanced UX included new Google Maps integration and introduction of Property Information Cards that featured “Apply Now” and “Schedule A Tour” functionality as well as complete property image gallery for easy reference by prospects.

The more we share the more we have.

We introduced personalization by creating a persistent and collapsible drawer component that displays all the properties a user has compared on the site. Super convenient when there are so many choices. 

Minimizing frictions in journeys increases engagement and conversion opportunity.

Through personalized customer journeys researching, comparing and rental of properties has become significantly quicker.

Google Analytics

Customer engagement has increased keeping visitors browsing property pages for longer periods of time.

Google Analytics

Use of video on the homepage has decreased bounce rates and increased engagement.

Google Analytics

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